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Voice Studio

Mark Wong
Voice Studio

Mark is a Melbourne-based educator and theatre-maker specialising in voice and speech work. He has a diverse clientele, working with students and professionals across the UK, Australia, and Asia.

Master of Arts (MA) in Voice Studies

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
University of London (London, UK)

VCA Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
The University of Melbourne

“... [craft] is the scaffolding to our human creativity. It helps us form and focus our ideas and our emotions. Craft is hard to teach because it is not about explaining, it’s about doing something. It is an artistic and active pursuit, not an academic one. A speaker’s craft has to be so known that you forget it. The audience shouldn’t see your craft but just feel your presence and words. Repetition is critical. It has to be done, and done, and done.”

These are the services that Mark is currently offering

Workshop Facilitation

Mark began offering voice workshops to local Melbournians back in 2019. He has also facilitated his workshops in Asia, collaborating with The Actors Studio Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as with Singapore’s first professional acting studio, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC).

Voice training is an invaluable investment for those seeking to master the art of effective communication and to ensure the longevity of the most powerful communication tool — their voice. Understanding the intricacies of vocal mechanics empowers speakers and performers to express themselves clearly, confidently, and authentically, allowing them to fully engage with their audience. It is not just about projecting sound or even creating a beautiful sound; it’s about cultivating a connection through vocal nuances; combining thought, emotion, and intention in order for us to communicate truthfully and authentically.

“We know that life begins with the first breath and ends with the last. But it is how we breathe in between the first and the last that greatly impacts how well we live this life.”

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