Free Your Authentic Voice

Workshop Title: Free Your Authentic Voice

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: TBC

Fee: TBC

Format: In-person / Online

About this workshop:

The aim of this workshop is to free the individual from habitual physical and vocal tension so that they can communicate with greater ease, clarity, and authenticity. As a participant in this workshop, you will discover just how powerful words and the human voice can be when they are matched with the right intentions and physicality. Through storytelling, poetry, and speech recitation, you will also learn how to cultivate and maintain your physical and vocal presence, to speak confidently and without prejudice whilst strengthening your own self-esteem.

Who this is for:

This workshop is open to anyone (ages 16 and up) who is interested in exploring and developing their craft to become better communicators.

Pre-workshop prep:

(1) A personal response (approx. 150 words) to the question, “If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?”

(2) A personal anecdote (approx. 300 words) of a role-model/someone whom you look up to.

(3) A piece of text – poem/speech/story – no longer than 3 minutes (approx. 400 words) that you can recite from memory.

What to bring:

(1) A pen and notepad

(2) A bottle of water for hydration

(3) A yoga mat if you have one + a towel (for head support)

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