WORKSHOP: Vocal Fundamentals


Date: TBC (Saturday or Sunday only)

Time: 10AM-12PM or 3PM-5PM

Venue: TBC

Fee: AUD$100 per participant; AUD$50 per observer

Format: In-person

No. of participants: Minimum 10; Maximum 20 (age 16 and above)

No. of observers: Minimum 15; Maximum 30 (age 16 and above)

About this workshop:

In this two-hour introductory workshop, you will be introduced to a simple but fun process to get yourself mind, body, and voice-ready in order to tackle any type of speaking task. You will work on your posture, breathing, and vocal tone to help you speak with greater ease and clarity, and you will also learn how to incorporate a range of vocal dynamics (volume, pitch, pace and pause) into your speech to transform you into a more expressive and engaging speaker.

Who is this for:

This workshop is open to anyone (16 years and above) who is interested in exploring and developing their vocal craft to become better speakers/performers/communicators.

Pre-workshop prep:

NIL (all materials will be supplied on the day of the workshop)

What to bring:

(1) A pen and notepad

(2) Drinking water

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