About Me

Voice training is an invaluable investment for those seeking to master the art of effective communication and to ensure the longevity of the most powerful communication tool — their voice. Understanding the intricacies of vocal mechanics empowers speakers and performers to express themselves clearly, confidently, and authentically, allowing them to fully engage with their audience. It is not just about projecting sound or even creating a beautiful sound; it’s about cultivating a connection through vocal nuances; combining thought, emotion, and intention in order for us to communicate truthfully and authentically.

This training is not limited to a specific group of people or individuals — it is a transformative experience for both professional and non-professionals whose work or daily interactions rely heavily on the effective use of their voice. Mark’s diverse clientele includes actors, singers, dancers, teachers, lawyers, counselors, doctors, and fitness instructors. Regardless of your profession or field, voice training can elevate your communication skills, leaving a lasting impression on your listeners.

Commencing this exciting journey of vocal and self-discovery is simpler than one might think. Those eager to develop their voice can get in touch with Mark for a free 15 to 20-minute consultation, conducted conveniently over Zoom or Skype. This initial step will open the door to a comprehensive understanding of your voice, paving the way for effective communication, and ultimately, the preservation of your vocal health. Elevate your voice, elevate your impact—start your voice training journey today.

“It is a good idea to think of developing your voice for general use rather than just having a ‘stage’ or ‘performance’ voice. This way it will have greater flexibility and feel more owned.”

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